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Laser Shot: Recoil-less training to focus on the basic shooting fundamentals. Air recoil added later to build on follow on shot capabilities. 

Shooting basics include:

*Left eye/Right Eye Dominance

*Shooting Stance 

*Proper Grip

*Sight Alignment

*Sight Picture

*Breathing Control

*Trigger Control

*Follow Through 

Along with learning the shooting basics, you will better understand the purpose behind each one and how they compliment each other when used properly.

Private classes allow one-on-one training and more live fire practice than group courses.


Please contact us for detailed information.

Private Shooting Lessons

Duane Ledford (right): Winner of the Carlos Hathcock Trophy (High Marine) at 2009 National Highpower Rifle Championships, Camp Perry, Ohio.


The plaque is being presented by R. Lee Ermey.


 Understand your equipment's limitations and capabilities.

No limit to what we can achieve!


Understand the true purpose of zeroing, and become capable of delivering shots BEYOND A MILE!

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